Debugging Options


Simplified DB provides various ways which helps you to debug. For example, you can print last executed query using echo $sdb->query.
If any error is generated due to some wrong column name or anything other,you can find error using echo $sdb->error_info.
To retrive the rows affected in last operation, use $sdb->rows_affected.
To retrive the id(value) of the primary key of last inserted row, use $sdb->last_insert_id.
You can use $sdb->message_info, to get various operations details during any operation. This helps to find at which position our operation failed.


Debug Operation Description
$sdb->query Return last executed query
$sdb->last_insert_id Return id of last row inserted
$sdb->rows_affected Return no. of affected rows
$sdb->message_info Return the string message to get the last operation performed details for debuging perpose
$sdb->error_info Returns error information if any.