Quick Start

Simplified DB provides database abstraction for PDO, Mysqli and Mysql all, so first decide which extension (PDO,Mysqli or Mysql) you will use for your application.( Only step 1 is different, rest of steps are same)

Step 1: Include appropriate file

include("SimplifiedDBPDO.php");// for PDO

include("SimplifiedDBMysqli.php");// for Mysqli

include("SimplifiedDBMysql.php");// for Mysql

Step 2: Create object of SimplifiedDB class

$sdb= new SimplifiedDB();

Step 3: Connect to database

               /**** connect to database ****/                

Step 4: Perform any mysql operation like select, insert,update or delete. Example of performing select query on "user_table" table

                $result = $sdb->dbSelect("user_table");

For more detail about each operation, refer code sample section.