Wordpress Awesome Import plugin main features

  1. You can import posts using csv, excel, xml, pdf(export only) file.
  2. You can import Posts/Page with Columns (ID , Post title , Post content, Post excerpt, Post date, Post name, Post author, Post parent, Post status).
  3. Import featured image with post/pages.
  4. Import meta fields for posts/pages.
  5. Import Posts/Page with featured image.
  6. Import custom posts.
  7. Import comments
  8. Import users.
  9. Import roles.
  10. Import custom taxonomy.
  11. Import woocommerce products.
  12. You can import data in any WP Table.

Wordpress Awesome Export plugin main features

  1. You can export in csv, excel, xml, pdf file.
  2. Export wordpress posts with different post columns, based on post author,category, post Id range, tags, post status
  3. Export wordpress pages with different columns, based on author,category, page Id range, tags, post status
  4. Export custom post types with different options and meta fields.
  5. Export users with user meta, based on roles order by different parameters.
  6. Export categories/tags order by various paramaters.
  7. Export custom taxonomies.
  8. Export woocommerce simple product data.
  9. Export woocommerce order data.
  10. Export Posts/Page based on Post Meta
  11. You can export data from any WP Table.
  12. Export SQL File with Write Query and Export as CSV,Excel 2003,Excel 2007,PDF,XML Files

Version Details

Version 1.1
  1. Initial Release
Version 1.2
  1. Upload files using URL also apart from uploading files manually.
  2. Export comment of specific posts by postId.
  3. Bug fixes.
Version 1.3
  1. Added option to export woocommerce order
  2. Added option to import category hierarchy
  3. Added option to export taxonomy for custom posts
  4. Changes in the language domain
  5. CSS bug fix
Version 2.0
  1. Major change in the complete structure of the plugin
  2. Addition of various filters and hooks – so you can perform many more functions e.g. change data before import or after export send email
  3. Send email option for export file
  4. Addition of woocommerce variable product import and export
  5. Changes in structure – now it is partial mvc based structure
  6. Improvement in speed
  7. Fixed some bugs related to saving of settings

Version 2.1.1

  1. get images from post content (Import) - importing images from post content. For this we will take one setting option whether to import the post content images from setting or not.
  2. get specific posts by ID's (Export) - export only post/pages/custompages/products based on the ID's
  3. Product attributes needs to be unserialized
  4. Changes in category export, from name:slug to name if both name and slug are same

Version 2.2

  1. option to change php memory size in settings
  2. Bug fix related to the featured image

Version 2.3

  1. Woocommerce variation product export feature improved
  2. Option to allow categories to created as nested categories
  3. Option to export and import menu using our plugin only
  4. Bug fixed: Woocommerce order status are now coming from woocommerce hook

Version 2.4

  1. Added a new feature “File manager”
  2. Import file manager with option to download imported file, delete content imported by file, delete file, search
  3. Export file manager with option to download exported file, delete exported file and search

Version 2.5

  1. Improved overall design and structure of the plugin

Version 2.6

  1. Improved overall code that improved further speed of import/export
  2. Screen based css and js enqueue
  3. Export of woocommerce product category images
  4. When item and slug are same then it will show only item and if different then it will display as item:slug
  5. Fixed some bugs related to woocommerce product/order import/export

Version 2.7

  1. Fixed bug related to latest version changes in PHP
  2. Fixed bug related to file manager

Version 3.1

  1. Export Posts by From and To Date
  2. Export Posts by Category
  3. Export Posts by Author
  4. Added language support
  5. Improved Responsiveness
  6. Fixed category related bug
  7. Added purchase code field

Version 3.2

  1. Preserve old post id in comments - Old post id became invalid in comment as import assign new post id, this helps you to solve this issue by saving old post id in post meta id. Please check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3fJiwaJ62g
  2. Map comment parent - please check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdYgwbSG7_4
  3. Added tag separator settings
  4. Added "insert post" option in case of duplicate post title
  5. Improved overall performance